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Mining Experienced Legal Professionals

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To locate a mining experienced attorney please click on your region on the global map...then click on the state...fill in the appropriate information and a professional legal person will reply back to you quickly.  

The international network outside of the United States is in the process of being developed...if you need legal assistance on an international level please send an email to network@minecompliance.com

Mine Compliance recognizes that professional legal experience in mining issues is vitally important in reducing the overall negative impact of adverse situations. We have taken the legwork out of trying to find professional "mining experienced" legal representation. If you or your organization is dealing with any of the potentially adverse situations listed below please don't hesitate in contacting a legal professional.  Delaying the decision, or worse yet, deciding not to obtain professional legal help could be devastating to you or your organization.

  • MSHA or OSHA Investigations
  • State or Federal Environmental Investigations
  • Land Permitting and Zoning
  • Air and Water Quality Issues
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Discrimination Complaints
  • Accident Liability on Mine Property...and more!

If your legal firm would like to establish a business to business (B2B) link with Mine Compliance, and the mining industry, please send an email to network@minecompliance.com to discuss details.

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